Laundry Pure



Clean Clothes without Detergent or Hot Water

Without using hot water or detergent, LaundryPure puts the technology of nature
to work in the laundry room at home.
Based on processes used for over a decade in hospitals, hotels, and Laundromats,
cold water is infused with oxygen, peroxides, and other gases to bubble and lift dirt
and grime from cloth fibers, leaving towels softer and fluffier, and clothes brighter and cleaner.

Plus, every load helps save energy and money.
Reducing or eliminating detergent means less residue and abrasives to weigh
down and wear out fabrics, and of course, less detergent to buy.
Washing in cold water reduces the weekly demand on the household water
heater and the energy bill.

So how does it work?
LaundryPure incorporates the power of our revolutionary, exclusive
ActivePure Technology with the cleaning action of activated oxygen to lift dirt and grime

Чистая одежда без моющих средств или горячей воды

Без использования горячей воды и моющих средств, Laundry Pure  использует
для стирки технологии природы. На основе процессов, испытываемых на протяжении более десяти лет в больницах, гостиницах и прачечных.

Холодная вода смешивается с кислородом, пероксидами, и другими газами, чтобы вымыть пыль и грязь из волокон тканей, делая полотенца мягкими и пушистыми, а одежду ярче и чище.
Кроме того, каждая стирка помогает экономить электроэнергию, а значит и деньги.
Отказ от моющих средств и стирка в холодной воде позволяет сохранять от изнашивания ткани, сберечь природу, и экономить.

LaundryPure from Vollara
Note: LaundryPure reduces or eliminates the need for laundry detergent.
While many users find that LaundryPure alone effectively cleans their laundry,
you may find it necessary to pre-treat or use a reduced amount of detergent.
If you find that pre-treatment is necessary, we recommend using Re:Move
from Vollara.  If you decide to use detergent, you should use about 1/8th the amount you previously used before your LaundryPure purchase.